Manifesto of Tisaneria

Tisaneria is a creature of the night.

It was born in a midfall night of 2012 around a table, over three hot teas, while
outside shadows and cold embraced the trees and tar in the southern Lands of Como.
It was not a dark and stormy night and who knows if stars overlooked down on earth…
It was the night when we raised our inner voices, held tight for too long by the darkness
of a chaining reality: the Italian one.

 Finding a haven in one’s own fancy is good, but, when darkness is too much,
even dreams have no shadows and they can easily hide themselves.

Dante, Sommo Poeta, wrote:
Nessun maggior dolore che ricordarsi del tempo felice ne la miseria.
(“No greater sorrow than remembering cheerful times in misery”).

We add and adjust it to our period:
“No greater sorrow than living in a time when you are not represented”.

 While in the outside everything is dark in any sense,
we are determined to set an ambush to the light.

With our “cups up!” we want to salute the ones
who feel joyful in tasting a tea instead of uselessly unhealthy drinks
– a placebo for precariously happy minds –
and glad after constructive discussions at every sundown.

With our “cups up!” we want to salute the ones
who does not moan, but build themselves
in order to shut up their own’s and other’s complaints.

With our “cups up!” we want to salute the ones
who sometimes would rather share the company of past minds
than most of currently living people.

With our “cups up!” we want to salute the ones
with a sane nostalgia sensation for places and feelings which emerge
as they had always put down roots in and entwined together with them.

With our “cups up!” we want to salute the ones
who respect Nature and get angry
when someone throws something on the ground.

 Our choice of expressing ourselves in English is due to our desire in reaching universality,
in order to make Italian tongue’s chains not that binding,
so that an increased number of readers all over the world could
feel one with Tisaneria and find a secure haven in it.

 We trust our reader to be active;
we wish our works arouse curiosity and spurs in him
so that he could carry out researches and go into unknown themes.
Text interpretation is totally free and open, anyway.

Curiosity, expansion of one’s horizons and deep knowledge of one’s neighbour
are themes that build solid basis for a little but significant change in ourselves,
not only with reference to Tisaneria but in daily life too,
asking ourselves, every single day:
“What can I do to make my life better?”.

“There is a crack in everything, but it is from this crack that sunshine comes in”:
We would like to find where this sunshine is.
Tisaneria is to show how much power of change everyone holds,
only just starting with a subtle alteration of perspective.

Diana Clerici , 
Eleonora Pizzi

October / November 2012

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